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  • B2B CFO Testimonials

    We invite you to read some of the comments we have received from our clients.

    "I wish I had met (our B2B CFO partner) and read Jerry Mills' books (The Danger Zone & Avoiding The Danger Zone) 20 years ago when I started my first business. I was a scientist with some great ideas for a business, but no real idea on how to implement them properly from a business perspective. I had to learn a lot of things the hard knocks way, all which I can find examples of in (Mills') books, and it cost me a lot doing it that way. (Our B2B CFO partner) has the ability to see our issues from an unemotional and outside perspective with a simplified business view that prevents us from making irrational or costly business decisions."

    John Fontana, President, Vista GeoScience

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has been associated with my business for nearly fifteen years. He has helped train and over see my accounting staff. This has given me peace of mind as this is not my area of expertise. His network of professionals has helped me establish no hassle relationships with quality lawyers and bankers. In my small company environment, (his) broad range of business acumen has been a great substitute for a larger company's board of directors. It has been very cost effective as I am only paying for services rendered as I need them, thus eliminating the need for excessive staff."

    Tom Stanley, President, Pinnacle Mfg. Co., Inc.

    "I have been in contracting for over 22 years. It wasn't until (our B2B CFO partner) came on board that I was able to see a much clearer picture regarding everything from cash flow, sales, margins, trends, etc. It also helped me manage my staff because (he) was very hands on with training as it relates to construction accounting. I am very pleased with the work ethics, integrity and the personal attention to detail. I have recommended (him) to several clients and will continue to do so in the future."

    Scott A. Bjerk, President, Bjerk Builders, Inc.

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has straightened out the accounting mess that has existed for 15 years in our small business. We now have a set of financials that we can really use to analyze the performance of our business."

    Tyler Winner, President, The Winner Institute, Inc.

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) is the finest CFO I've worked with. My background includes senior management at both CBS and Time-Warner, Inc., so I am relatively hard to impress. (He) is impressive."

    George Daly, CEO, About Records, LLC

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) came in and saved our business. He helped us with a presentation to our bank and helped us get a handle on our costs and pricing structure. (He) gave us the confidence to service markets we previously were not in. Thank God for (our B2B CFO partner) and B2B CFO!"

    Cary Dillman, President, Dillman Farm, Inc.

    "It is not enough to be great at your individual field of endeavor. You must be good at business generically. That is the foundation of a successful relationship between a business owner and their B2B CFO. Successful companies are well managed companies. This is the expertise that my B2B CFO brings to my company. Whatever you pay your B2B CFO, you'll make back ten-fold. This is the best business decision I've ever made!"

    Lawrence M. Kent, Owner, Kent Systems L.L.C.

    "We located (our B2B CFO partner) through B2B CFO and brought him in to assist our business as interim CFO when we started. (He) provided us with experienced guidance and added value during the period he worked with us. Having the benefit of (his) expertise on an "as needed" basis was invaluable to our fledgling company. (His) rates are reasonable and well worth the services he provides. We still reach out to (him) when we have sophisticated transactional/financial questions and I highly recommend (him) to anyone who has need of a high degree of financial/business sophistication and expertise but is not yet ready or able to commit to employing a full-time CFO."

    Erik Gabell, COO & Principal, Paradigm Realty Alliance, LLC

    "Having (our B2B CFO partner) come into my office and help me is like me having a CFO from a very large successful company stop in to help. (He) goes right to the big picture. His comments and advice are high level from his years of experience. Because of (him), I finally have financial reports that I understand. The rest of my office is thrilled with the clarity of both the reports we now get and (his) comments that make so much sense to everyone. An analogy that comes to mind is that of driving down the road at night. It is now like I finally turned on my headlights and I can see the road in front of me. Also, (he) helps post road signs that both give me warnings of where I am headed and identifies opportunities that I may take. I wish I had done this years ago. I highly recommend (him)."

    Michael Nolen, President, Michael Anthony Homes

    "There is no way a small company like ours could afford to hire a person with the expertise and stature of a Fortune 100 CFO like (our B2B CFO partner), except through B2B CFO. His talents in both financial management and operational goal setting and measurement have taken us to a new level. Add in the ability to list somebody who has worked with a former Treasury Secretary on our bio page and what more could you ask for?"

    Jay Goth, CEO, Arriba Financial Services, Inc.

    "Hiring (our B2B CFO partner) was the smartest business decision I have ever made. (He) has helped me make solid business and financial decisions that have kept this coming moving forward and gain profitability. He is always available for advice and input whenever a situation arises (which is often). (He) is my most trusted business 'partner' who is constantly looking out for the best interest of me and my company. That level of professionalism, loyalty, and expertise is invaluable to me."

    Amy Graver, President & Owner, Elements, LLC

    "We have been very pleased with the work performed to date. (Our B2B CFO partner) has helped generate report formats for our bank, work with our bankers to improve the relationship, and if he doesn't know the answer, he has a large resource pool to help get it."

    Phil Prescott, President, Byers Peak, Inc.

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has been a tremendous asset to our organization. We've been fortunate to have his input on a regular part-time basis. That is what is so compelling about the B2B CFO concept. (He) provides us with on-going assistance, but when we need more of his time he makes himself available. His projections for product development and licensing strategies have been invaluable. We simply cannot say enough good things about (him) or the B2B CFO strategy."

    John Cole, President, The Cole Hair Transplant Group

    "Since (our B2B CFO partner) joined our team over four years ago we have experienced more profitability, better financial metrics & reporting and incredible relationships with our bankers. I believe having an A+ CFO in your organization is as essential to running a successful company as the products and services you sell. (He) has done all of this and more for my companies."

    Bryan Vincent, President, BVA & Precision Science

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has given us clear leadership through his guidance in developing smart, profitable growth through sound numbers management and cash flow. He's that objective resource which allows us to take emotion out of the equation and make sound, strategic decisions that we know we can support. (He) and B2B CFO are one of the most important partners we have as CKME continues to grow in a very competitive market."

    Dan Underberg, Vice President, The CKME Group

    "We have found our B2B CFO Partner to be an extremely valuable resource for our organization. Somewhat skeptical of the CFO B2B concept at first, we have come to greatly appreciate the high degree of expertise and professionalism that our part-time CFO' lends to our small businesses. We are extremely satisfied... and absolutely endorse the concept!"

    Gary L Brann, Member & Owner A. Arnold of Kansas City, LLC

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has opened our eyes to new ways of looking at our business and has led us into a new phase of operating our business based on finite projections and actual costs of doing business."

    Greg Wood, President, Missouri Life

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has brought a common sense approach to our business decisions. His broad-based knowledge and skills relating to financial issues, human resource issues, marketing / promotions and business administration issues have been invaluable to our operations and decision making processes over the last year. We are starting to feel like the pressure is off and we are controlling our business again, rather than it controlling us."

    Hollace Bailey, President, Building Environment Consultants, Inc.

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has been an integral part of bringing my small corporation out of a financially difficult situation. It is comforting to have him looking over my shoulder' and to bring his expertise from other industries to ours. I appreciate his advice about administrative decisions and his ability to push' my employees' performance in areas I am not able to do that effectively."

    Janet Mullins, MD, President, Kachina Family Practice

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) hit the ground running as soon as he arrived at Parker Finch. I had a brief meeting with him about my top financial concerns and within a mind-blowing fast timeframe he had a solution to each item on my list! We now use (him) in both finance and operational areas as a key member of our executive team. In short, (he) rocks!! Thanks B2B CFO!!"

    Jim Small, CEO, Parker Finch Management

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) is a superb financial professional. Responsive, insightful, reliable, experienced and dedicated to helping us take our company to the next level. We couldn't be happier about our affiliation with B2B CFO and look forward to a long and successful relationship with (him) and B2B CFO."

    Kitty Kolding, CEO, House Party, Inc.

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has been instrumental in helping our firm get to the next level in our growth. Our firm has been growing at a rapid rate...290% over the past three years! In working with our executive team, (he) has helped by providing strategic insights into our cost structures as well as modeling out prospective investments in people and infrastructure required for the next five years of growth. (He) has become a valuable part of our team."

    Paul Binsfeld, CEO, Company Nurse, LLC

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has provided us with a very important level of financial expertise and a calm insight that we can always count on. His business experience and access to others in the B2B CFO program have made our relationship almost more consultative than fiscal. This added benefit and his integrity have made our relationship one that we value very highly."

    Phil Schmidt, CEO, Hartley's NW Seafood, LLC

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has made an extremely valuable contribution to the organization of our financial reporting systems. This in turn has been very helpful in fundraising and management. His advice is consistently well thought through and reliable."

    Randal Charlton, Executive Director, Techtown

    "Francis Cauffman has engaged (our B2B CFO partner) as a part-time CFO. (He) has provided strategic advice and has aligned our finances with our strategic goals. He has helped us reshape our Business Office and manage our cash flow. (He) has helped us institutionalize processes to optimize profitability, cash flow and financial accountability. He works with us in our relationships with our bank and our accounting firms. (He) has provided invaluable services, tailored to our needs and resources."

    Stephen J Hegeman, Managing Principal, Francis Cauffman

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has been a tremendous help to our growing company. He has provided the professional expertise and incite that a company of our size could otherwise not afford. He has helped us secure funding and given us the confidence that we are making the most of our resources and will be in a financial position to achieve our goals."

    Jack White, President, Ballast Point Brewing Company

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been instrumental in helping us to develop and track to our plan. Her financial expertise as well as business acumen has helped us to make smarter decisions and avoid some of the typical pitfalls of a new business. Thank you!"

    Eric Bengston, President, Wireless Sync Technology

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has done an excellent job restoring a messed up financial situation and has been there step by step bringing us along. He has been very helpful to make a very tough situation workable. It is so nice how he can bring out the best for us. I plan to work with (him) and get this business and hopefully several others to prosperity."

    Joe Gaboury, CEO & Owner, Software Group LLC

    We needed immediate, top-level CFO assistance. (Our B2B CFO partner) brought extraordinary experience and ability to the project and even genius in advancing us well beyond where we had envisioned. Best of all, she worked like an 'owner' --- completely dedicated to our success. We highly recommend B2B CFO services."

    Kim Bechthold, CEO, NeuroMark

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has proved to be a terrific addition to our team, providing a strategic dimension that we did not posses before he joined us. We have also benefited from some of the things he has available to him as a part of B2B CFO that we would have otherwise not known about."

    Morey Hecox, President & CEO, Cook Street School of Fine Cooking

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been working with us for over a year now and we have see amazing results since he started. He has brought a whole new level to our thinking and has been instrumental in the growth and profit we are finally starting to realize! We are looking forward to having him around for a long, long time!"

    Lisa Hale, President, Level 3 Audio Visual

    A must for small business owners. (Our B2B CFO partner) is highly skilled with unlimited resources for information and solutions in every aspect of our business.Having a B2B CFO Partner forces us to manage' our business, rather than work' at our business. With the right guidance we've made significant changes in the way we operate and helped us to prioritize our goals. And the results are tangible. We would highly recommend B2B CFO Partners, and actually we do all the time. This will be a long-term relationship."

    Lyna Corbley, V.P. Operations, Integra Tooling

    (Our B2B CFO partner's) skill set and experience have added tremendous value to my organization at a critical point in my company's development. I do not view him as an outside consultant, but as a trusted member of my management team. The arrangement with B2B CFO has exceeded my expectation and I couldn't be more pleased with (him) and his contribution."

    Paul Vogel, CEO & President, QSI

    (Our B2B CFO partner) is talented, fastidious, diligent and prompt in meeting our fiscal management needs. She is everything a vibrant, growing organization would want in a CFO."

    Barbara Coombs Lee, President, Compassion & Choices

    Our experience with (our B2B CFO partner) and B2B CFO has been very positive. (He) has positioned himself as one of our top most valuable resources. He is proactive, patient, thorough, detailed, and has taken to this startup business as if it were his own. He has gone the extra mile (literally and figuratively) to be sure that we are well positioned for growth and prosperity. I cannot say enough about how valuable he has been to me and my partners. If we could afford him full time, he would be in our front office!"

    Jim Oswald, CEO, PinPoint GeoTech, LLC

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been a trusted advisor for our business, helping us with issues ranging from hiring accounting staff to cash flow forecasting, banking relationships, and strategic transactions. I have recommended him to two business friends and would happily do so again."

    Eric Golden, President & CEO, Equipois Inc.

    (Our B2B CFO partner) is a knowledgeable, trusted business partner of ours. When we need his expertise, he's there for us. Our company is in early growth stage and having (him) available to provide senior level expertise to guide us has been very valuable."

    Andrew Halasz, President, VIXIA North America

    Right from the get go, I put (our B2B CFO partner) in charge of an acquisition and (he) completed the due diligence, lined up financing and mentored team members on the process. He single handedly made the deal happen! That is what I call a partner."

    Brandon Ames, President, Able Information Technologies

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been extremely helpful in achieving a better understanding of business finance. He has also been helpful with dealings with the bank and other financial matters."

    Geoff Skinner, Owner, Thunder Racing,

    (Our B2B CFO partner) was instrumental in helping us secure our first substantial banking relationship and line of credit to enable our business growth. He provides reporting, analysis and advice to keep us on track towards our business and financial objectives. He manages our banking and CPA relationships and has been instrumental in increasing our vendor credit limits substantially as well. (He) has enabled and facilitated merger and acquisition discussion with potential acquirers."

    Ken Hughes, President, TV Ears, Inc.

    B2B CFO has allowed us to affordably utilize the education, knowledge and experience that (our B2B CFO partner) brings with him. He has been a great asset to our company and we look forward to working with him in the future."

    Kirk Mulligan, CEO, Clean Power Systems

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been an important part of the success of my company to date. He has been instrumental in introducing me to investors and helping me present my plan and prepare my financials to potential investors. Further, because I am a start up, I don't have the need or the money for a full time CFO. Having the ability to share' (him) with other companies in similar positions has been a huge benefit for me in that I can have him on my team but not have to run myself out of cash to do so."

    Merrill Guerra, CEO & Founder, RealKidz, Inc.

    I was starting a new business out of an old business and needed a real professional. We have now gone public in California. I can now see us starting many more new public companies in the future."

    Ray Tate Jr, CEO, American Gas & Technologies

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has provided invaluable assistance. He is available whenever we need him, gives knowledgeable advice and has helped us to recruit an excellent new staff member. Best of all, he is genuinely interested in what is best for us, and doesn't press us to undertake assignments which are beyond our means."

    Robert Wilkinson, Managing Partner, Abacus 247 LLC

    (Our B2B CFO partner) developed a detailed plan based on reviewing our current business needs and we have immediately worked together to execute the items on the plan. In 3 weeks, we have completed 4 items on the action list. This has been a much faster, lower cost way for us to further solidify the financial status of our company."

    Terry Precht, President & CEO, TDP Inc.

    We purchased Dane Manufacturing in 2001 with the intent on improving and growing an 85 year old metal manufacturing company. After about $5MM of invested capital grow it we did. Dane grew at 35+% (each) year for five years in a row. In 2005 it became very clear we had outgrown our accounting firm and their business model wasn't working any longer. We searched for an alternative and found (our B2B CFO partner). He came in and I hired him after our first meeting to start working with Dane. Since coming, he has formalized our financial reporting, job costing, improved the treatment of inventory and tightened up reporting and financial management. Now due to (him) and my management team's efforts we finish a financial period (every 4 weeks) and I have the complete financials on my desk, I can trust, the following Monday by noon. We send it to the bank the following day. (He) has also helped refinance the company's assets, and helped Dane with its first acquisition of a complimentary business. The B2B CFO model is fantastic for a company our size that needs the talents of a CFO sometimes and can't yet afford him full-time. It is a great model and superb help to small business in America - brilliant model - fractional ownership of a CFO's talents. Lastly, in 2007 Dane was recognized as an INC 5000 company (fastest growing, privately held, companies in America) with a rank of 2,015 (178% growth in 3 years) out of 5,000 and recently informed we will be an INC 5000 company again in 2008. This could not have happened at Dane without (his) talents and the B2B CFO business model."

    Troy F. Berg, President & CEO, Dane Manufacturing

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been extremely helpful for us. His leadership in developing new accounting and job costing systems has been outstanding. Additionally, (his) advice and counsel on various management issues provide me with sound judgment from an experienced professional."

    George Kaiser, President, Landscape Management Services

    (Our B2B CFO partner's) professional expertise, guidance and commitment to the needs of my business resulted in a very successful project. Because of (his) work, our accounting practices and system are better positioned to handle our growth and also attract new investment."

    Jonathan Jones, Managing Partner, Pinpoint Strategies, LLC

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been tireless in assisting us with many advancements in our internal financial processes. We greatly appreciate his competence and professionalism. We are better for it."

    Richard E. Dohm, CEO, DocuSafe of Madison/Phoenix, Inc.

    Having a part-time CFO makes real sense for our growing company. We are able to work on key financial projects with confidence."

    John Swiatek, CEO, Coliant Corporation

    Using (our B2B CFO partner) as an advisor enabled me to elevate my business planning process based on his exceptional financial skills and experience."

    Rose Lester, President, Lester Consulting Group

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been an inspiration to us in many ways. He has provided us with insight into our overall business operation that we were simply too close to and far too busy to grasp. (He) brings a plethora of experience and industry knowledge which has already brought us huge strides in the short time we've been working together (since October of 2007). You are a valuable asset to us and we are blessed to have you as part of our team!"

    Candace E Cottner, Manger, Global Aviation Technologies LLC

    The individual who referred us to (our B2B CFO partner) recognized the look of panic in our eyes brought on by the frustration we were experiencing in dealing with the financial aspects of starting a new business. (He) has been a calming influence and has led us through the maze of income statements, proformas, balance sheets and cash flow statements in an objective and methodical manner. He is a financial professional who provides understanding and counseling I would recommend to anyone staring at the daunting task of starting a business. We still have a long way to go, but we feel much better knowing (he) will be there every step of the way."

    Mark E. Vermeer, Business & Finance Officer, EQUI-SPA

    The services that (our B2B CFO partner) provides for us are an invaluable contribution to our growth and profitability. (He) has become a true Trusted Business Advisor' within our organization. His ethics, knowledge, and passion for helping others succeed are beyond question. We highly recommend (him) and his work!"

    Peggy Hays, Chief Operations Officer, The ASPIRE! Group, LLC

    "(Our B2B CFO partner) has provided us with a strategy for managing our finances that was missing before. His introduction of financial concepts for us to consider while making decisions has been invaluable to our management team."

    Eric Keiles, Chief Marketing Officer, Square 2 Marketing

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been very helpful during an extended period of transition for our accounting department. He was able to figure out and execute the monthly closing transactional work in addition to tackling some higher level strategic projects. (He) is flexible with his schedule and always a pleasure to work with."

    Wendy Bruce, HR Director, Domaine Carneros

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has provided consistent results to our clients. Closely held businesses often times cannot afford a seasoned CFO. (He) and B2B CFO fill that need for small to medium sized businesses."

    Richard Cobb, Esquire, Member Manager, Lake & Cobb PLC

    My experience with (our B2B CFO partner) and B2B CFO has been excellent. I highly recommend their services to any company, any size, any time."

    Cris Caruso, President, Goober Pet Direct

    I've worked with (our B2B CFO partner) since June 2004 and would hire him as our full-time CFO employee if he wasn't enjoying his B2B CFO practice so much and not wanting a change."

    Edward Feintech, Chairman, President & CEO, Smoky Market Foods, Inc.

    Having (our B2B CFO partner) on board has really helped with investor relations thru the production of various financial statements. He has helped with proformas and other items that have helped us plan more effectively."

    Fred R. Auzenne, CEO, STG Investors LLC

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been a great addition to our executive management team. He is the perfect balance we needed to grow our company to the next level."

    Jeff Cohen, Vice President, Campusbooks

    I have gone through two different accountants before working with (our B2B CFO partner). The 1st said she knew Quick Books and could give me the information I needed and would handle the books. It seems I received a lot of bills and very little accurate information. The second guaranteed me I would be better off doing my entire payroll in house and he would handle the deposits, which I found out the hard way. He didn't make them in a timely manner but had really good excuses. Too bad for me the IRS didn't like them. Needless to say it cost me a lot of money. (Our B2B CFO partner) was able to clean up the messes, get me on track and represent me with different people in a very professional manner and brings to my company a level of expertise and professionalism that this company has never had. Bottom line I now know where I stand in all aspects of my business, thanks to (him)."

    Kathryn Horrocks, President, Performance Plus Inc.

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has assisted Wind River with developing a crucial pricing model. This new model will allow us to reach our profitability goals while not diluting our return by bringing in business we really can't afford."

    Mark Courchaen, Owner, Wind River Financial, Inc.

    (Our B2B CFO partner) had an important impact on our business. We had hired an administrative assistant to set up our QuickBooks account, and as the company grew, we felt it was important to have an expert review our books, advise us as to best practices, and suggest improvements. (He) did all of that and more. We are in much better shape financially today because of his suggestions and guidance. He not only reviewed the line item details, but gave us great suggestions about how to improve our accounting processes. I highly recommend talking to (him) if you are a business owner who feels your business financials are not 100% rock solid! He'll give you back that confidence you need to focus on other important elements of your business."

    Michelle Girasole, President, Precision Web Marketing

    (Our B2B CFO partner) is part of our decision making process when it comes to expansion, pricing, overhead costs and many other things. He has become a valuable part of our team."

    Richard Sevigny, CEO, Chromatic Lithographers

    I brought (a B2B CFO partner) into one of my clients to help with an inventory problem. (He) was able to help and provided valuable counsel to my client. His approach was operational and comprehensive. I wouldn't hesitate to bring (him) in to other clients where I can utilize his expertise."

    Tom Stocker, Regional Chairman, Chairman's View

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has organized our accounting staff and our books. He has been a great member of our staff and continues to assist in creating forecasts, budgets and preparing reports for our lenders. Without his invaluable skills, we would not be able to successfully satisfy the requests of our lenders."

    Deborah Kirkland, Director of Admin, Kirkland Ranch Winery

    My thought after meeting B2B CFO's (partner) was "I just hit a home run!" Now, after two months of working with her I've changed my mind. Now I say "I just hit a GRAND SLAM!" She's key to our corporate success!"

    Doug Keeton, Chief Operating Officer, WOG, LLC

    More than just' a CFO, (our B2B CFO partner) also possesses top-of-the-line business coaching skills. He is excellent at taking a business and bringing it to the next level... and then the next one...and so on. He has almost instantly changed the face of my company and put my business on a rapid growth path. I am looking forward to a bright future and many years of working with him."

    Roland Voss, President & CEO, Tri-Town Insulation

    We contracted with B2B CFO for a CFO to help our company implement recommendations from a study evaluating the accounting and finance function for our company and our parent company including staffing, processes and controls. We were faced with high turnover of the accounting staff, reporting delays and both board and management had lost confidence in the controller/treasurer. (Our B2B CFO partner) joined us as a contractor of the company to lead the re-organization as well as develop and manage the implementation project. She was quick to integrate into the organization, effectively developed rapport and trust with the staff and board of directors, assessed the key issues in accounting and finance, and developed a detailed plan to correct. She hired new leadership for the accounting/finance function and, working with the new controller/treasurer, staffed the function and completed the implementation phase in an efficient and effective manner. In addition, she provided valuable leadership to assist our new manager of HR with the selection of and transition to a new payroll provider. Since we are a for-profit company and our parent company is a not-for-profit, we needed someone with an understanding of the tax and accounting issues for both types of organizations. (She) had the experience and training to meet the unique needs of both companies and the project. And, when she ran into a situation or problem where she needed help, she called on her network of professionals at B2B CFO who quickly stepped in to help. I would highly recommend both B2B CFO and (her). She completed her assignment in a very competent manner and she provided additional value as a member of the senior management team. She connected so well with the board and staff that we completely forgot she was a contractor. From my perspective, her contributions far out-weighted our investment. She had a very positive impact on our company."

    Roger Shaffer, CEO, FCCServices, Inc.

    We are grateful for the model that B2B CFO has developed because it gives us access to someone of (our B2B CFO partner's) caliber where it wouldn't otherwise be feasible. He is fun to work with and has easily become an integral part of our team. He invests in understanding our business and our people so that he can insert himself where he will make the biggest impact on our bottom line. Since (he) has been working with us we have a more meaningful understanding our financials and are able to make better strategic decisions for the future. His business acumen, pro-active leadership, and financial expertise make him a trusted advisor and mentor."

    Amy Carr, Director of Human Resources, Red Door Interactive

    (Our B2B CFO partner) stepped in and made a huge impact on a deal that was in more trouble than our client realized. (He) became a trusted advisor and insider to steer our client to collecting $140 million on the sale of their business. The next time I called, (he) parachuted a guy into another deal that got back on track because of (his) understanding of the nuances of a business that is more art than science. I'm sure that we will be working on more situations leading to the most important deals in our entrepreneur client business lives."

    Patrick Hurley, Managing Director, MidMarket Capital Advisors, LLC

    (Our B2B CFO partner), his expertise and outstanding services are absolutely critical to the success of my business. I consider the cost of his services the best investment I have made in the management of SpectraSoft, Inc."

    Steve Petrie, CEO, SpectraSoft, Inc.

    Working with (our B2B CFO partner) and B2B CFO has been a great experience. He has made a number of excellent suggestions for us to improve the quality of our accounting system, while at the same time, reducing our bookkeeping workload. (He) has never missed a day or stood us up for a meeting... something I can't say for any other professional we've worked with. As a small business owner, I've worked with a number of professionals who promised me a lot and delivered little, so I really appreciate the opportunity to work with (him), who delivers as promised -- both in a thorough job, and in on-time project completion. I am very happy with (his) integrity, expertise, and work ethic. From day one of our handshake contract, he has been an incredible asset to my company. I'd recommend (him) and B2B CFO to any small- or medium-sized business as a professional who truly delivers what he promises, and at a reasonable rate."

    Jason Channell, President, Associated Electroplaters, Inc.

    (Our B2B CFO partner) is helping us make sound decisions with a profit analysis by product line, a cash flow budget and more. I respect (his) knowledge that comes from real life experiences!"

    Stu McFarland, President, Etched Images, Inc.

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been a great asset to our organization helping us get refocused and disciplined within our finance department."

    Keith Kwasny, President, Kwasny/SaniCrete

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has brought organization and processes to our organization which allow us to make educated' business decisions."

    Scott Kotroba, Partner

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been wonderful to work with and has helped us to bring order to our bookkeeping system. I would highly recommend (her) and her firm for any of your accounting needs."

    Mary Allman-Koernig, Executive Director, Colorado Preservation, Inc.

    I have only just begun working with (our B2B CFO partner) but I can say that his input has already been of great value. He has helped me focus on some critical areas of my business which I expect will assist in setting and reaching my goals. I am looking forward to continuing the relationship!"

    Mitchell Glassman, Franchise Owner, Concerto Networks

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has been an extremely valuable resource to us. He consistently demonstrates outstanding technical accounting knowledge combined with keen business sense and an unmatched level of commitment to his clients. He does whatever it takes to get the job done."

    Dennis Johnson, Vice President, MEDecision

    Working with (our B2B CFO partner) has been a pleasure. I appreciate his insight and understanding of not only business in general, but also my particular business."

    Matthew Schellig, Owner, Aunt Olive's Good Food 2 Go

    (Our B2B CFO partner) has done an excellent job for WUSATA. It is difficult for a small organization like ours to have all the accounting expertise we need on staff. B2B CFO has provided that expertise at a reasonable cost."

    Andrew Anderson, Executive Director, Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association